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Hello Photo Competition

User confirms and certifies his or her right to upload photographs

By uploading photographs to participate in the Hello Photo Competition on the Hello Haemophilia webpage, the user confirms and certifies that he or she has ownership rights to such Photograph(s), or a sufficient license or other right that includes permission to submit the Photograph(s) to the Hello Haemophilia Competition, and to grant Sobi the rights to use the Photograph(s) as specified below.

If a Photograph contains any personal information about another individual than the user (for example if such person is pictured in the Photograph and is identifiable), the user confirms and certifies that he or she has obtained a valid, freely given consent from such person for Sobi to process his or her personal data for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy for this website and in the consent given by user when uploading the Photograph(s).

Sobi is granted a revocable right to use uploaded Photographs

Sobi is hereby granted a non-exclusive, royalty and compensation free right to use any uploaded Photographs, in whole or in part, worldwide, for a period ranging until two (2) years from the date on which the Hello Photo Competition is completed, in any manner of media (such as over the Internet, on Sobi webpages, presentations, publications and printed materials) for the following purposes:

(i) to perform the Hello Photo Competition; and
(ii) for any external or Sobi internal education, raising awareness and sharing information in the area of haemophilia (such as in social media campaigns and at congresses or similar events). Sobi will not use Photograph(s) to promote any products or brands or for commercial marketing activities.

The user may revoke his or her consent for Sobi to use any Photograph(s) that the user has uploaded to the Hello Photo Competition, in which case Sobi will cease use and erase the Photograph(s). To revoke such consent, the user may contact Sobi by e-mail at hellophoto@sobi.com.

The winner in each age group is awarded a symbolic prize

The winner in each of the three age categories will be awarded a symbolic prize, the value of which will correspond to a maximum amount of approximately EUR 20 (per winner in each age group).

Erasure of Photograph(s)

Uploaded Photographs will be erased by Sobi no later than two (2) years from the date on which the Hello Photo Competition is completed, or such earlier date when user (or another person pictured in the Photograph) revokes consent for Sobi to use the Photograph or to process his or her personal information. For more information about Sobi’s use of personal information and about your rights with regard to Sobi’s use of your personal data (including how to revoke your consent to such use), please read the Privacy Policy for this website or contact us by e-mail at privacy@sobi.com.