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About Hello haemophilia

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Hello haemophilia is an online community for people affected by haemophilia – patients, their families, caregivers, physicians, organisations…anyone.

We believe that by introducing unique perspectives into one community, we can raise awareness and help shape a better future for lives touched by haemophilia.

Hello haemophilia is a digital space for sharing, listening, learning, collaborating, connecting, co-creating and so much more. No problem is too small – and no idea is too large.

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Together, we can nurture these perspectives and co-create the solutions needed to make a difference for our community.

Come say hello today, and join a community that’s passionate about positive change.

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Come say hello today and join a community for positive change in haemophilia.

This is your chance to connect with people who share your journey and never miss an update from our ever-evolving community.


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Communicate your experiences and challenges

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Understand the impact haemophilia has on different people

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Find information, events, insights, educational material and much more

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Co-create actionable plans and solutions with fellow community members

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Change the future for people living with haemophilia