Welcome to Hello haemophilia

Welcome to Hello haemophilia!

An online community creating positive change in haemophilia

A Platform With A Purpose

Haemophilia can feel isolating and overwhelming...but it doesn't have to. Whether you're living with haemophilia, providing care for someone who is, or know someone facing the same challenges, this community is here to support you.

We believe that by listening to each other, collaborating and sharing unique perspectives, we can shape a better future for lives affected by haemophilia - together.

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This community will help you…


Speak up...

Polls, surveys and quizzes help us all to better understand the challenges you face.


Stay informed...

Our community offers information on many important aspects of haemophilia, from education to events happening around the world.


Solve problems...

Hear about the ideas and projects being developed by the community to help overcome the challenges posed by life with haemophilia.

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